These products are used in high temperature applications where patching and filling of voids is required. These products are available as pumpables (with pumps), moldables, air-setting cements, and coatings.

Refractory Filler is a mouldable form of fibre which can be trowelled, hand moulded, or injected from a hand held pressure gun. Drying converts the mastic into a strong, hard - yet lightweight insulating material which have great thermal stability up to its typical continuous use temperature. Although air drying is possible, it is recommended that assisted drying be carried out below 100°C (212°F). This product features excellent resistance to cracking and spalling and the dried material has strong adhesive properties.

Coating is used to protect refractory linings usually against chemical attack. Coating refractories are normally intended to cover just the working surface of a lining. They tend to be fairly thin layers.